Author Laura Clarizio: If I Had A Magic Carpet

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My children love to read. Even my thirteen year old who proclaims that he doesn’t really love school sits in a comfy chair and reads biographies. Reading is the basis for all things great as far as I am concerned. I grew up surrounded by books and still love going to the library or spending a lazy Sunday afternoon at the bookstore.

I met author Laura Clarizio by chance. She contacted me about being interviewed for a television piece she is producing about moms who blog. We started talking and she told me she published a series of children’s books and is presently working on the fourth book. My daughter, Mya, was going to be thrilled. She is in 2nd grade and an avid reader.

At age seven my second grade teacher Mrs. Allison Spatola assigned me my very first If I Had a Magic Carpet essay. I remember sitting on my rug dreaming of all the wonderful adventures me and my carpet could have together.

Years later I decided to share my fantasy with children, hoping they too would use their imagination and share my love for reading and writing. I decided to combine the magic carpet adventures with life lessons that could help keep children safe. – Laura Clarizio, Author: If I Had A Magic Carpet

What child wouldn’t want to go along for an adventure on a magic carpet? Combining this with important life lessons makes the If I Had A Magic Carpet series one that any elementary school parent would want their child to have. Laura has a passion for her books and loves sharing them with children.

From the first book in the If I Had A Magic Carpet series:

Ride along with Miranda and her magic carpet as she dashes off from adventure to adventure, helping others along the way. Miranda’s magic carpet can take you anywhere you want to go, but you should watch out for Ellery. At one time Ellery possessed the powers of the magic carpet, but his abuse of the secret carpet grounded him. Now Ellery is more determined than ever to get it back. As Miranda races to rescue those in need, Ellery is right behind her, hoping to steal back the magic carpet. Will good conquer evil in the end? Will Miranda’s magic carpet come to the rescue in time? To find out the answers, sit back, use your imagination and soar along with Miranda as she takes you on the ride of your life.

Learn more about the If I Had A Magic Carpet book series here:

Purchase the If I Had A Magic Carpet book series at Amazon

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